Fly in Lanzarote

parapentaThere are a wealth of subtle variances between paragliding and hang gliding that makes them vastly different sports. However, one of the things that they have in common is that they are both popular activities in Lanzarote!

Lanzarote’s paragliding and hang gliding locations can be found all around the island. With consistently strong winds all year round, it offers the ideal flying conditions, which is why people come here from all over the world to take to the skies! During the morning and after 4pm when the wind picks up are the best flying times, and there are wireless areas and beaches all over the island, with take-offs suitable for all wind orientations.

Lanzarote’s hang gliding and paragliding destinations are great for experienced flyers, and you can even get a guide to fly with you and give you a tour of the island. For the less experienced there are tandem flights available. Stay at Casa Tomaren and our friendly front desk staff will give you all the advice you need on paragliding and hang gliding in Lanzarote!

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