Lanzarote collects off – Grape Harvest

Canary Islands are known for a tourist destination with many advantages for a wide range of tourists, beach tourism, hiking, alternative tourism, sports, and gastronomic tourism for decades also, wine tourism.
Lanzarote, field crop of great white wines, with “holes” of gravel azavache painted green vineyards, is carried large travel catalogs.
Indiscutinble that is, Lanzarote produces a number of different white wines crowned by volcanic Malvasia, a type of almost endemic grape, refreshing and intense personality. Unique in Europe, is also growing in the black lava stones, the Diego grape, which gives white wines fresh, fruity aromas and mouth stay in perfect accompaniment to any fish basket to the seashore.
For these wines, the first step is the harvest, picking the grapes from the “hole” on foot volcano. A hard and delicate work that can only be done at early morning, before the sun warm the vines and ruin the grain temperature.
The harvest is cause for family gatherings and friends who are from harvest to harvest taking advantage of the summer period there is a greater number of “conejeros” on the island.

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