Swimming Crossing El Río 2015

The summer ended and 50 swimmers between professionals, amateurs, young and not so young, jumped to the waters of the Playa del Risco, on the horizon was seen La Graciosa at only 2.6km away.
This year, specifically on October 3 celebrates the 23rd edition of the Swimming Crossing El Río.
We talked sometimes sporting events from Casa Tomaren, focused athletes overcome their own brands and putting limits their physical and mental abilities. It is La-Graciosa-Lanzarote2013-1024x678ironic that being an island, surrounded by calm waters and ocean living, does not devote more time to the open sea crossings are held in Lanzarote.
Crossing swimming El Río, it is the queen to sea from these competitions and many people both outside island as they prepare to join Lanzarote and La Graciosa.

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