Surfing in Lanzarote

Lanzarote is full of great surfing spots. With strong north-easterly winds, it is known for its consistently powerful waves and is widely considered one of the best surfing spots in Europe. Casa Tomaren has an intimate knowledge of Lanzarote’s surfing beaches and can help you choose the surfing spots that you want to visit.

Pro surfers come from all over the world to ride Lanzarote’s famous waves, but our beaches aren’t suitable for experienced surfers only. Worried about getting caught in the undertow? Casa Tomaren can help you to choose a surf school in Lanzarote that best suits your needs, whether you plan to be alley-ooping your way around the island or even if you’ve never so much as touched a surfboard. We will put you in contact with the best surf schools in Lanzarote and we even offer our own surfing courses for groups or individuals.

Surfing Lessons

Casa Tomaren recommends private surfing lessons:

• 3 hour surfing lessons

• All surfing materials provided

• Price: 30 euros

Casa Tomaren’s central location is ideal for surfers, providing quick and easy access to all of the beaches and surf schools in Lanzarote. Stay with us and, with our infectious enthusiasm for surfing, you’ll be hitting Lanzarote’s surfing beaches in no time!

For group classes or other options, don’t hesitate to speak to our friendly front desk staff. Happy surfing!

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